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Mainland Company in UAE is a company that is registered in the Department of Economic Development of the respective emirate where the investor wishes to establish the company in UAE. Mainland Business Setup in UAE is the perfect option for investors who look forward to gaining a strong presence in the UAE local market.

Limited Liability Company is the most sought-after company type when it comes to mainland company formation in UAE. LLC is the most registered mainland company type in UAE. Mainland Business Setup provides the investors more flexibility in terms of business expansion. It enables investors to easily open new office space or warehouses, add more employees, work with Government projects, and much more.

The 100% expatriate ownership in the UAE mainland company makes it an investor's favourite choice. It also provides the investors the flexibility to open an Office Space and warehouse facility anywhere in the Emirate to keep the cost low. Also being a mainland company in UAE, it helps the investor to easily expand the staff count and open new branches in UAE. For a company that is aiming for a local or international expansion registering it as a Limited Liability Company in the mainland of UAE is highly beneficial to facilities easy trade and customs clearance.

To know more about LLC Business Setup and the Steps involved in setting up an LLC Business in UAE, Read:



Choosing the right business activity and a legal form of business (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or LLC) are the pre-requisites for a Mainland Business Setup in UAE.

Broadly, the business licenses in UAE are categorised into the following:

A Commercial License that covers all kind of trading activities

A Professional License that covers specialised professional services, craftsmen and artisans;

An Industrial License for establishing industrial or manufacturing activity.

These licenses are issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). However, licenses for some categories of business requires approval from certain ministries and other government authorities. DED has more than 3000 activities grouped under a wide range of business license categories for the investors to choose while setting up their company in UAE. Team ACS UAE will assist you in choosing the right business activity and license type to successfully register your dream company in UAE.



ACS UAE will assist you throughout & beyond the business setup process and ensure a hassle-free Company Registration in the UAE.


Below mentioned are the steps involved in setting up a business in UAE Mainland:

Arranging UAE National (Local Service Agent for Services Company)

Assistance in drafting Memorandum of Association and Side Agreement

Determining Office Premises as per your Budget

Assistance in Attestation of Court Documents

Obtaining License

Applying and Processing Visas



Following documents are required for setting up company in UAE Mainland.

A. Initial Approval

Registration and licensing application, as well as proof of reserved trade name.

Photocopy of applicant’s passport (together with residence permit/visa details for non-GCC nationals).

Photocopy of applicant’s naturalization identification for UAE nationals only.

No-objection letter from the applicant’s current sponsor for non-GCC nationals.

Photocopy of the director’s passport, and no-objection letter from the director’s current sponsor.

Permission from the court to practice business, for applicants under 21 years.

Approval issued by other Government authorities according to the type of activity.

Board resolution (if the partner is an existing corporate entity).

B. Documents Required After getting the Initial Approval

Initial Approval receipt - All documents submitted for Initial Approval.

Photocopy of office lease including the plot number.

Photocopy of the Memorandum of Association duly authenticated by the Notary Public.

If the partner is an existing corporate entity in UAE or abroad, Board resolution, Memorandum of Association and the Commercial Register Certificate must be attested by UAE Embassy/Consulate or by a GCC State Embassy / Consulate and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and duly translated into Arabic.

AURION strives to assists investors in all possible ways throughout the process of setting up the Mainland company. Our expert team provides comprehensive business consulting and ample information to the investors for making informed decisions regarding company setup.

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