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Frequently Asked Questions
Business Setup in UAE

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by our clients pertaining to
company formation and allied business services.

  • Which is the best Freezone to set up the company?
    UAE is blessed with 40 plus Freezones and each Freezone has its advantages and disadvantages. The ideal Freezone can be identified only after getting the requirements from investors.
  • What is the difference between Freezone & Offshore companies?
    Freezone companies are Onshore Resident companies that can do business within UAE & internationally whereas Offshore companies are No-resident companies that cannot do business within UAE.
  • How to get a Tax Residency Certificate?
    For obtaining a Tax Residency Certificate for an individual or company, they must be in UAE for more than 180 days on residence visa (individual) and 1 year for the company. Tax Residency Certificate is issued by the Ministry of Finance in UAE. Our Expert Tax Consultants will assist you with the process and ensure you get the Tax Residence Certificate in the UAE at the earliest at the lowest cost.
  • What are the other services that can be obtained from ACS UAE?
    ACS UAE provides an end-to-end Company Formation solution with value-added services such as ISO Certification, Trademark Registration in UAE, VAT & Accounting, PRO Services, Corporate Identity.
  • Is UAE a Tax Haven?
    Yes, UAE is a Tax Haven. The only Tax charged by the Government here is the Value-added-tax (VAT) 5% on almost all consumer transactions in the UAE. Apart from the VAT, there is no other personal or corporate tax in the UAE.
  • How to save tax in the home country using UAE Company?
    Company Formation in UAE could be used as a method to save tax in the home country. There is no Income or Corporate Tax in the UAE. Hence, business profits, personal income, investments, etc, are not taxable in the UAE. Resident investors in the UAE from High Tax Paying regions could leverage the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) and save taxes.
  • Should owners be present in UAE to incorporate Company?
    Owners need not be present in the UAE for incorporating in Freezone, whereas presence is required for mainland licenses.
  • What are the popular types of Company structures?
    Popular company structures are Freezone Company FZC (more than one owner), Freezone Establishment FZE ( Single Owner), Mainland Limited Liability Company (LLC), Mainland Civil Company for Professional Services, Offshore company.
  • Which law governs Company in the UAE?
    UAE Federal Law No.2 of 2015 on Commercial Companies, as amended applies to legal entities established in the UAE. Each Freezone is having Rules & Regulations framed for its effective functioning, keeping national interest.
  • How fast company can be set up?
    Timespan to incorporate vary from each Authority, generally it's 2 to 5 days.
  • How to close down the operation of the company?
    Liquidation of companies can be initiated with a Resolution calling upon to De-register the company. The entire assignment of Liquidation is done by getting all clearances from authorities within the shortest period.
  • Is VAT applicable to all companies in the UAE?
    Not every company needs to pay VAT. Companies with taxable supplies and imports exceeding AED 375,000 per year need to register for VAT and are subjected to pay VAT (5%) in UAE. For more information on VAT, contact us to get guidance based on UAE VAT laws and regulations.
  • What is the difference between Freezone and Mainland Companies?
    Mainland companies are resident companies that can be incorporated in Mainland & it shall have 51% UAE Local shareholding in case of the popular LLC for Commercial activities and a Local Service Agent shall be appointed in case of professional Civil Companies.
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