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Legal Translation

Do you need a certified or official translation to support an immigration, legal, professional, academic or financial application?

If you are new to UAE, you should know that Arabic is the official language of UAE and that any certificate or document you submit to any official department should be in Arabic. Legal translation should be performed by a certified translator having the knowledge and expertise to handle such kind of translation.


We help you translate all your official documents as our translation is recognized by all authorities within UAE. We also provide certified translation from Arabic to English as our translation is recognized by all embassies within United Arab Emirates.


If you want to submit any certificate of statement to any embassy within UAE, you can contract ACS UAE representation of companies in this regard. Our translation is recognized and approved by all courts within UAE so if you need to translate any documents required by court such as any invoices, contracts or statements, you can approach our office and get certified translation. We translate experts’ reports, rejoinders and court rulings.


We ACS UAE representation of companies will help you to get translated your all required documetns in a proper channel.

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