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Company registration in UAE enables to experience the conducive environment for business by availing enormous benefits offered by UAE. It is a popular choice among foreign investors for setting up a company mainly due to the 100% foreign ownership, tax savings, ease of doing business, up-scaled business infrastructure, e-governance system, top-class lifestyle, and growing business opportunities.

Investors can choose from a wide range of company registration options available in the region. There are various business licenses and business activities available that will suit the exact business requirements. Investors can establish a company in UAE the most hassle-free way by following the company registration process the right way. ACS UAE provides complete assistance for registering a company in UAE.


Based on your exact business requirement and the nature of business activity, our expert professionals will guide you with the right option for company formation in the region.


The Jurisdiction of Company Registration in UAE is categorised into three- Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore Jurisdiction. For establishing a company in UAE there are various company setup packages across the Mainland and Free Zone jurisdictions. The Mainland


Company can now be registered as 100% expatriate owned entity in UAE as per the recent Cabinet Resolution of 2021. However, depending on the business activity and industrial sector, there are certain regulations to be fulfilled by the investor.


The Free Zones and Offshore Companies can be setup with 100% expatriate shareholding. However, they are distinct in their characteristics, business operations as well as the governing business laws. The cost of Free Zone Company Registration in UAE starts from AED 11,700 for a One Visa Quota package. The Free Zones in UAE offer a wide range of business activities and license types to choose from.


The Company Registration Process in UAE is well structured with a set of activities to be followed to register the company successfully. AURION will handle the complete process of company registration in UAE and provide unmatched support until the company documents are delivered to the investor and beyond. Choosing the right tradename is a crucial step to start the process of company registration in the UAE. The investor must choose the right business activities under their trade license. The company is legally entitled to conduct trade or offer services depending on the chosen business activities.

To obtain the company documents and trade license, the application form, supporting documents, investor profile, etc., must be submitted to the authorities along with the fee for issuing the trade license. Once the trade license is obtained by the investor, they can proceed to apply for the investor visa and the bank account. AURION will assist in the end-to-end business support services in UAE for new company registration and beyond.


Limited Liability Company Setup in Dubai is one of the most popular legal business forms for establishing a trading or manufacturing company in Dubai. An LLC Company can be formed with a minimum of two and a maximum of 50 shareholders. There is no requirement for any minimum capital investment. The LLC Company’s management can be vested with the Managers (up to 5 persons) that may or may not be UAE Nationals.

LLC Business Setup in Dubai is very straightforward and relatively easy to incorporate. However, it requires certain documentation, paperwork, and special approvals required depending on the chosen business activities.


Here are the steps to the LLC Company Setup in Dubai. Our team will assist you in all steps with expert consultation and dedicated PRO service support for a hassle-free LLC Company Formation in Dubai.

  1. Choosing the Business Activity & Tradename Reservation

  2. Getting approvals for the Tradename and Legal Business Form

  3. Getting the required additional approvals from the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai for the selected activities

  4. Preparing the Memorandum and Local Service Agreement (LSA) – Finding a UAE local sponsor, shareholder resolution, required agreements

  5. Submit the documents for review and initial approval

  6. Get your Physical Office space and Tenancy Contract

  7. Submit the Tenancy Contract along with the initial approval documents to obtain the LLC Company License

  8. Apply for Residence Visa, Emirates ID, and Open a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai


LLC Company in Dubai offers the investors a host of business benefits. LLC Company Setup in Dubai enables investors to strengthen their presence in the UAE Local Market and promote local trade more effectively.


Here are a few benefits for the investors from LLC Company Setup in Dubai.

  1. Wide range of business activities to choose from the DED list to set up an LLC company

  2. Investor visa for the stakeholders along with eligibility to sponsor family

  3. Add more staff to your business as required without any hassles of visa quota

  4. Enhanced credibility in banks for opening a Corporate Bank Account

  5. Hassle-free opening of a new branch in the mainland if required

  6. Purchase real estate in Dubai under the company name

  7. Participate in tenders and take up government projects and assignments

  8. Freely trade in the local UAE market as well as rest of the GCC region and the world


Establishing a company in UAE follows certain steps and documentation processes. Investors must submit the required documents, choose the right business license & activities, pay the trade license fee to obtain the trade license in UAE.

  Application form

  Passport Copy

  2 Photographs (white background)

  NOC if already in UAE residency visa

  Tenancy Contract Copy

  Location Map

  Designation Details:-Higher Designation Requires Degree Certificate (Attested)

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